what is a twitch affiliate vs partner

What is a Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

Understanding Twitch Affiliates

If you are an aspiring streamer on Twitch, you may have come across the terms "Twitch Affiliate" and "Twitch Partner." These are two different levels of partnership with Twitch, each offering unique benefits and opportunities. Let’s start by looking at what it means to be a Twitch Affiliate.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is the first step towards building a successful streaming career on the platform. To become an Affiliate, you need to meet certain requirements set by Twitch. These requirements include:

  • At least 50 followers: You need to have a minimum of 50 followers on your Twitch channel to be eligible for the Affiliate program.
  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days: Twitch wants to see that you are actively streaming and engaging with your audience.
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days: Consistency is key on Twitch, and having a regular streaming schedule is important.
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers: Twitch looks at how many viewers you have on average during your streams to gauge your popularity.

Once you meet these requirements, you can apply to become a Twitch Affiliate. If your application is successful, you will gain access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Subscriptions: Affiliates can earn money through subscriptions, where viewers can subscribe to their channel for a monthly fee.
  • Bits: Viewers can cheer for Affiliates using Bits, a virtual currency that can be purchased on Twitch. Affiliates earn a share of the revenue generated from Bits.
  • Ad revenue: Affiliates can earn money from ads that play on their streams.
  • Custom emotes: Affiliates can create custom emotes for their subscribers to use in chat, adding a personal touch to their channel.

Advancing to Twitch Partner

While being a Twitch Affiliate is a great starting point, many streamers aspire to become Twitch Partners. Twitch Partners have access to even more benefits and opportunities to grow their channels. To become a Twitch Partner, you need to meet higher requirements than those for Affiliate status.

The requirements to become a Twitch Partner include:

  • At least 75 average viewers: Twitch Partners are expected to have a higher average viewer count than Affiliates, showing that they have a dedicated and engaged audience.
  • Broadcast at least 25 hours in the last 30 days: Partners are expected to stream more frequently than Affiliates, demonstrating their commitment to creating content on Twitch.
  • Maintain a consistent schedule: Partners need to have a regular streaming schedule to keep their audience engaged and coming back for more.

Once you meet these requirements, you can apply to become a Twitch Partner. If your application is successful, you will gain access to a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Exclusive opportunities: Partners may have the chance to participate in special events and promotions hosted by Twitch.
  • Higher revenue share: Partners earn a higher percentage of revenue from subscriptions, Bits, and ad revenue than Affiliates.
  • Priority support: Partners receive priority support from Twitch’s Partner team, helping them resolve any issues or questions more quickly.
  • Transcodes: Partners have access to video transcoding options, allowing viewers to adjust the video quality to suit their internet connection.

Choosing the Right Path for You

When deciding whether to aim for Twitch Affiliate or Partner status, it’s important to consider your goals as a streamer and the level of commitment you are willing to make.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate is a great way to start earning money and building a community on Twitch. Affiliates have access to key features that can help them grow their channels and connect with their viewers. If you are just starting out on Twitch and looking to slowly build your audience, becoming an Affiliate may be the right path for you.

On the other hand, if you have a larger following and are ready to take your streaming career to the next level, aiming for Twitch Partner status may be the way to go. Partners have access to exclusive benefits and opportunities that can help them reach a wider audience and increase their revenue.

Ultimately, whether you choose to become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and your content. Building a successful streaming career on Twitch takes time and dedication, but with the right mindset and approach, you can achieve your goals and make your mark on the platform.